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    Mike Bear

    There’s a name for the growing sense of despair some people are experiencing as they see the natural world deteriorate around them: ecological grief. Similar to other forms of bereavement, ecological grief can range from sadness and hopelessness to anger and post-traumatic stress. Whether communities face melting sea ice, a disappearing glacier, or brutal drought, ecological grief is quietly taking hold as climate change alters the land and sea.

    The danger of this emotional suffering, says Marshall, is that people may give up hope altogether. “When people have no control over the future of their homes, they tend to get depressed and disengage from society,” she says. “They may feel like there is no point anymore, and that is something to be very concerned about.”

    Michael Bear
    Citizen Science Project Director
    Ocean Sanctuaries
    San Diego, CA
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    I can definitely relate… and for years I was dumbfounded, seriously angry and depressed by how little was being done about our greatest threat, Global Warming. As a geoscientist I recognized the seriousness of the issue well over 20 years ago…. How could society seemingly stop believing in Science in just this one area??? And then I found out about the Fossil Fuel Industry and how they were spending many millions of dollars annually (that we paid them for gasoline) on spreading doubt (there never was a debate) using professional liars like those at the Heartland Institute. Then the mainstream media found out about it and even though massive damage was already done, our nation has slowly been recovering and there is now more energy toward doing something about it than I’ve ever seen (and the Fossil Fuel Industry knows it, expect gas to start going up more and more very soon – a good time to buy a motorcycle/scooter). We are close to making real change happen (only the Democrats “believe” in Global Warming so they are who will have to lead this effort…), so we have to keep fighting… our actual survival now depends upon it. I recommend joining a group like and help make the difference we all need instead of sitting at home and worrying about it all. That’s not healthy anyway 🙂


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