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Are You a Shark Lover? Submit Data from Your Shark Encounters to Science

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      Mike Bear

      Ocean Sanctuaries also offers two citizen science shark programs, where you can upload photos of your shark encounters and help science at the same time–but, always remember: safety first!

      1. Sharks of California: here you upload at least one photograph to Fieldscope, a citizen science tool which helps us track shark species encounter locations throughout the coast of California:

      2. Sevengill Shark ID Project: here, you can upload photos of your encounters with Sevengill sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus) to our database in ‘Wildbook’ and help us answer the question: ‘Are the same sharks returning from year-to-year? Currently, we are accepting submissions from the San Diego and Cape Town areas:


      Instructions for uploading photos are on the main page. If you can safely do so, we would like left-side shots of the head and gill areas.

      Michael Bear
      Citizen Science Project Director
      Ocean Sanctuaries
      San Diego, CA
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For those interested in the field of marine citizen science.

Citizen science (or community science, as it is sometimes referred to) can have more than one definition, but the one I like best is: any time a lay-person practices the scientific method under the guidance or mentorship of a scientist.