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    3 months, 3 weeks ago
    MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Earth Challenge 2020

    As President of Ocean Sanctuaries, I am pleased to announce a new initiative that we (Ocean Sanctuaries) and this group will be partners with, in an effort to give us all the citizen science tools we need to deal with what is rapidly becoming a global plastics crisis.

    “It will be the largest global citizen science initiative to date –a global citizen science initiative that will demonstrate how small digital acts of science can add up to global change.
    Using mobile technology and an open source citizen science data infrastructure, EC2020 will get a pulse on our environment and empower people around the world to help monitor and improve environmental and human health. EC 2020 will mobilize the existing citizen science community while building capacity for individuals around the globe to collaboratively address the world’s most pressing challenges.”
    Emmy-Nominated Philippe Cousteau can explain it better than I can:

    Short video:

    The Dual Goals

    GOAL 1

    Increase the amount of open and interoperable citizen science data to help answer more complex, global questions than any dataset could address alone.

    Through a public call to action, volunteers will use the Earth Challenge 2020 application, mobile app framework, and hardware tools to collect new data. We will also create a data catalog and API-enabled data integration platform to facilitate discovery and access of existing citizen science information.

    GOAL 2

    Equip and empower people around the world to understand and act on the data collected to build safer, healthier communities.

    The EC 2020 platform will offer open data access, educational resources, “What You Can Do” materials, and data visualization tools to make citizen science accessible and meaningful to the world.

    Our Research Questions
    As a global call to action, Earth Challenge 2020 can become a nexus for collecting and harmonizing one billion data points in any research areas that impact environmental and human health. At the same time, we identified a set of “core” research questions through a public call as practical opportunities for communities to converge around. We will work with our partners to refine these questions into actionable targets in Spring 2019.

    –What can WE do as planetary citizen scientists? One of the most pressing problems we are confronting is that of *global plastics pollution.* We’ve all seen the horrible pictures of dead sea birds with plastic in their stomachs–to say nothing of the picture of whales in the same condition.

    Instead of feeling outraged and helpless, join us in Earth Challenge 2020 and actually DO something and help science at the same time.

    See link below for more information–I will be releasing further details on Ocean Sanctuaries and other non-profits’ roles in the coming weeks and months, as well as *concrete* ways you can help, as a global citizen scientist.

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